Is Your Organization Ready for a Peer Program?Hope in healing

  • Do you feel your organization is ready to offer a unique perspective to those on their grief journey?
  • Does your organization value peer volunteers?
  • Is your organization ready to help change peoples lives by offering peer-led support groups?
  • Do you have a dedicated staff person who can develop the program, and provide ongoing supervision to the peer facilitators?

If the answer is YES and you would like more information, please call or email Patti Comeau-Simonson for more details on how this program can enhance your organization while helping families to find HOPE again!

Are You Looking for a Peer-led Support Group?

  • Are you asking yourself “what’s next?”
  • Are there times when you feel like you are “going crazy?”
  • Do you feel there is more to tell of your “story?”
  • Do you want to feel hopeful again, moving forward from your loss while holding the memory of your loved one in your heart?

If the answer is YES, please call or email Patti Comeau-Simonson to receive details about upcoming Peer-Led support groups in your area.


Cell phone: 978-360-3903